Daily Archives: July 1, 2012

Banks still aren’t making loans

It is very difficult to obtain a golf course loan in today’s uncertain economy.  There are only a few investor groups interested in golf and only a handful of credit companies will consider golf, and even if they do, the Loan to Value is 40 to 60% with high rates […]

Investors want to know….

Investors want to know the What, Where, When and How of an investment or loan.  What is the investment and Where is it located?  When do investors receive benefits, does it support debt and over What term. The What and Where you already know, but the When is based on […]

Evaluation is the key…

The purpose of an Evaluation is to establish a concise written report that summarizes the operational and financial opportunities’ of a  project.  It should identify market, demand, costs, income, expenses, profitability, structure, physical aspects, and risks and rewards of a golf course investment and ownership. An independent report created by […]

Management advisory…

The most common mistake developers make is not matching or aligning the project with the residential or commercial opportunity.  Too many times, I see a Cadillac project in a Chevrolet market or vise verse.  Therefore, make sure you are building or buying the right facility for your project.