Lending Update

It is very difficult to obtain a recreation loan in today’s uncertain economy.  While banks are leery of lending to recreational properties they are interested in government guarantee loans. Funding for golf courses, community centers, libraries, private schools, resorts, RV Parks, hotels and other income-producing properties. USDA CF program guarantees up […]

Typical procedure for USDA funding

The USDA guarantee loan program for B&I, CF and SBA are complicated and confusing, but also can be flexible with different approaches. Our assignments are to complete a Feasibility Report to be shared with lenders, buyers or investors.  This includes several visits to the project and meetings with client, lenders, nonprofits, […]

What is a Feasibility Report?

Spear Consultants, Ltd is a consulting firm assisting clients and prospects through the complex process of financing and refinancing income-producing projects.  With over fifty years experience and over six hundred feasibility studies, our independent reports are customized to client needs and based on relevant market facts, informed judgment and common […]

Banks still aren’t making loans

It is very difficult to obtain a golf course loan in today’s uncertain economy.  There are only a few investor groups interested in golf and only a handful of credit companies will consider golf, and even if they do, the Loan to Value is 40 to 60% with high rates […]

Investors: Should you be interested in golf?

Golf Courses These are tough times for golf courses, both public and private operations.  As rounds and revenues decrease, golf is facing significant financial challenges of aging memberships, declining play, reduced marketing, lack of capital, etc.   Golf courses need to stand on their own and not be treated as an […]